Being Trauma Informed

A Trauma Informed Parent:

  • Understands that an event does not have to be catastrophic in order to be “traumatic” and that symptoms of trauma can manifest following any highly stressful experience that causes lasting emotional or physical effects.
  • Is better equipped to help their child cope with and rise above trauma related health issues or post-traumatic stress.
  • Appreciates their children’s unique temperaments recognizing that while a divorce to one child may be a bump in the road, to another it can be devastating.
  • Knows that post-traumatic stress can mimic other issues such as ADHD, emotional outbursts, body aches, isolation, social problems and poor school performance.
  • Understands that the effects of trauma may not reveal themselves for months or even years after an event has occurred.
  • Is better equipped to communicate with and guide their child’s physicians in diagnosing and treating health issues.

For an excellent overview on early childhood trauma and what people can do to help, watch Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’ TED Talk: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime